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MomAngeles Media is a media and marketing company. Capitalizing on our extensive marketing and publishing backgrounds we produce innovative content for women: Digital Media, Web and TV Series, Events and Conferences. And then we promote it!
We offer social media, influencer and marketing programs.
Why the name MomAngeles? We are moms. We live in LA. We produce media.


Laura Nix Gerson
Laura Nix Gerson is a Principal with MomAngeles Media and the Producer and Social Media Director of MomAngeles and TheMomFair. With more than twenty years of marketing expertise Laura proves time and again that key content, plus key messaging, plus great experiences leads to lasting results. Laura is a contributing writer with Modern Mom and Babble as well as the lead writer for our sites.
Galite is a Principal with MomAngeles Media and the VP Sales and Marketing for MomAngeles and TheMomFair. Galite brings to the table more than 18 years of consumer marketing and brand management experience in the Health/Wellness, Beauty, Publishing, and Toy industries specializing in creative branding, product development, advertising and promotions.
Rona Nix
Rona is the Executive Producer for MomAngeles Media ensuring the story we tell resonates with our viewers. While not a mom (she is a terrific aunt), Rona is surrounded with moms who influence her approach to our digital content. Rona puts her 15+ years in TV and film production, with some of the most recognizable brands (Coca-Cola, US Army, AirTran, FOX, CBS, DISNEY) and Academy Award nominees (Alcon Entertainment) to work for our moms every day.


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